We have such a variety of Oranges as members, several of whom are teams.  The latest team to join Orange is Valor Public Schools, a new charter school opening for business the next school year.  Steve Gordon, Valor’s superintendent of schools, tells us more about why they chose Orange as their pre-start home:


Valor Public Schools is a new network of K-12 charter schools offering families a classical curriculum and distinctive vision for educating the whole person.  

Valor has been so fortunate to find a home at Orange Coworking during the start-up phase of our organization.  Prior to finding Orange, we had been planning to lease an independent office space as we prepared to launch our first school in South Austin.  Finding a work environment like Orange has provided so many benefits and advantages—from the reliable internet to a kitchen, coffee, networking, and camaraderie — and the workspace has allowed us to operate with maximum flexibility and efficiency during this critical and exciting moment in our journey.

Since beginning in October, our team (Steve, Jesse, and now Alyssa) has utilized the amenities and spaces at Orange to the fullest.   We began with floating passes and have moved over time to having three dedicated desks to accommodate our growing team and developing needs.  We make frequent use of the conference rooms and have hosted 7 separate larger Parent Info Sessions in Satsuma.  Our new office coordinator, Alyssa, is now able to coordinate parent visitors and welcome interview candidates from her ideal vantage point near the front of the Orange office.

All in all, working at Orange has been one of the best operational decision we have made, helping to put our young organization in a strong position to launch our first school in August.  And when we look back and reminisce about the early days of Valor, the experience at Orange will be an important part of that story!



Thanks, Steve!  Having Valor as a part of our community has really given us a new infusion of excitement as they move toward their opening this summer.  If you haven’t had time to chat with the Valor folks, stop by their desks toward the front of the dedicated desk area.

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