Términos y Condiciones Generales


Orange Coworking LLC (“Orange” for short) is located at 2110 W. Slaughter Ln, #160, Austin, Texas 78748. Orange Coworking was created to support entrepreneurs, freelancers, businesses, telecommuters, and other independent individuals in way south Austin, Texas. We serve our members by providing space, desks, both reserved and open, internet connectivity, meeting rooms, good coffee and tea, a collaborative community, and other resources (we’ll call it “Orange Property”). By joining Orange, our members agree to certain rules that foster flourishing. Essentially, we should be considerate of each other, play well together, and follow the rules of Orange. If someone chooses not to follow the rules, it affects all of us here at Orange, so as a condition to membership, event attendance, or drop-in use, we each agree to abide by the Agreement. This is an amazing community of diverse people from myriad backgrounds and businesses. We believe the connections you make here have the power to enrich your business, your personal life, our community, and our world. We're it. We are the creators of the world we live in. So when you’re here, be a part of everything and improve Orange for all. Feel free to give input to make Orange better. Any questions about this Agreement or any rules not covered here, should be addressed by email to [email protected] So here are the rules. (Deep breath. It looks like a lot, but we've tried to make it easy to digest.)


Be on your best behavior. This is an office. It is designed and intended to be a comfortable, welcoming, friendly office, and you being a friendly, polite, Nice Human is what makes that happen. So mostly, be respectful of and nice to other people.

More specifically, be mindful of the following: a. INDOOR VOICE. This is a place to get good work done, so please try to be mindful and respectful of others’ attention and time. Generally, keep your conversations to a low voice or reasonable volume. Do not create unreasonable or unnecessary noise in the space, including iPods, trombones, boom boxes, or any other devices that play music or emit sound. You may use these items if headphones are used and the sound coming from the headphones does not disturb others. Or with permission from the people sitting around you.

We have a good sound masking system that helps keep conversations from being distracting, but situational awareness is appreciated.

If someone has their headphones on, or is looking concentrated, or is trying to type something while you're talking to them and looking distracted by their computer… please respect their need to get work done (this is about the most important rule we have).

b. PHONE CALLS. When making or taking a quick phone call, you're usually fine right where you are. Or feel free to duck into a meeting room, if one is available, or just be aware of and respectful of the people around you. If you are anticipating a day of heavy phone usage, we ask that you reserve one of the meeting rooms so you can talk freely without worrying about bothering other folks too much. If you need to yell at people on the phone, might be best to step outside.

If you are bothered by someone else’s phone calls or loudness, and it seems like they’re going to be on the phone a lot, the first remedy is to find a quieter spot to move to; the dynamics of the space are different daily and a corner that’s quiet one day is not always quiet the next. If a consistent space experience is important to your work, please talk with us about a dedicated desk and we can help make sure your days are as predictable as possible.

If someone is being extra-loud, and you just can’t move because you’re buried in work or there just isn’t another good spot to move to, please come up and let us know at the desk. We will gently suggest to the loud person that they keep their volume down. Conversely, if we slip you a note to remind you to be not-quite-so-loud, know that it’s no big deal… just please take it down a notch or two.

c. HARASSMENT. We have zero tolerance for harassing our members or guests of Orange. Members or guests violating the Anti-Harassment Policy will be sanctioned or expelled from the space or the event at the sole discretion of Orange. We want to make sure that everyone has a harassment-free experience, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or physical appearance.

  • Harassment includes:
  • Offensive verbal comments
  • Sexual images in public spaces
  • Deliberate intimidation
  • Stalking
  • Following
  • Photography or recording without consent
  • Sustained disruption of talks or other events
  • Inappropriate physical contact
  • Unwelcome sexual attention
  • Unwelcome/repetitive sales pitches, including MLM (multi-level marketing) or network marketing company pitches People asked to stop any harassing behavior are expected to comply immediately. Any behavior or action experienced as harassment will be responded to as such.

d. SAFETY. Under no circumstances conduct any activity which may be hazardous to other people in the building, including, but not limited to, littering around our space and creating excessive disorder on or around the space.

e. VIDEO. We do have several Dropcams around the space. Mostly to have eyes on the doors, and who comes in and out, just in case.

f. ALCOHOL, SMOKING, SUSBTANCES POLICY. It is fine to relax with a drink, if you choose to, but we do not tolerate intoxication at the space. Be mindful, too, that your “quitting time” does not necessarily match up with everybody else’s schedule and be respectful of those around you. This applies to any and all mind and mood altering substances: if your state of mind and behavior is altered and it causes you to be disruptive to other members' ability to focus and work productively, you may be asked to leave. Reminder: Underage drinking is illegal. If it is brought to our attention that any Orange member facilitates or participates in or is aware of underage drinking in our space, Orange reserves the right to terminate your membership immediately and may report same to the police. Pretty much everyone in the space should be of legal age, but it is your responsibility to be certain of that if you are awesome and offer someone a beer or something.

SMOKING: Our landlord has informed us that legally, the only permissible smoking areas are behind the building. You can go out through the kitchen door and smoke out back. There is a piece of wood by the back door that’s useful for keeping the door from locking behind you — but you may only use this if you are staying within view of the door. And you are responsible for closing the door when you come back inside. g. PETS. Well-behaved pets may be allowed from time to time. This is on a case-by-case, day-by-day basis. If you would like for your pet to accompany you to Orange now and then, please talk to us. Generally: if we say "yes" it means: no barking or whining or other noise. No biting. Your pet must be physically with you at all times or in the care of someone who accepts the responsibility in your stead. Your pet MUST be taken outside to an appropriate area to go to the bathroom. If your pet has an accident in the space, you are responsible for cleaning it, immediately. If anyone in the space is allergic to your pet, you will need to remove your pet. If your pet scares or bothers anyone in the space, same. But we, in general, kinda love animals and are open to having sometimes-pets here.


a. PLAN TERMS. Your membership plan will have specific terms about term length, inclusions, cancellation, and so on, to which you are bound as well. If you are not in a membership plan, just renting a room, you are bound by these terms and by any room rental agreements.

b. STRIKES. Our intention is to build a friendly, connected, respectful community. If playing well with others is a challenge for you, please know: at Orange leadership’s discretion based on our observations or upon notice from other members, disruptive or abusive language or behavior will result in a warning and a mark against your membership (a “Strike”). On the third Strike, your membership will be revoked. Your membership may be revoked prior to the third Strike upon the sole discretion of Orange Leadership. “Orange Leadership” includes Dean Siracusa and those individuals authorized by Dean Siracusa. We hope we never have to use this provision, but we had to include it in case someone decides to misbehave.

b. GUESTS. Your friends, family, colleagues, and clients are all welcome. Feel free to invite friends or guests for lunch, a quick meeting, or just to say hello. It’s okay for your guests to have a cup of coffee, but please recognize that there is a cost for that cup and don't abuse the privilege, or we will have to revoke your coffee distribution privileges. There is a coffee fund jar in the kitchen; if you have a heavy coffee drinker or big group for a meeting, contributions to the fund are warmly appreciated.

  • You are responsible for your guests: show them around, make sure they are comfortable, help them understand what coworking is all about, let them know what is and is not appropriate in the space.
  • GUEST INTERNET: If your guest will need internet access, please do your best to let us know in advance so we can have a guest access token ready for them when they arrive and sign in.
  • GUEST SIGN IN: All guests must sign in at the front desk.
  • GUEST DAY PASSES: If your guest is going to be here for more than two hours or is going to be seated at a separate desk/table from you while here, you or they must pay for a daily pass. EXCEPTION: Any meeting guests in a reserved meeting room do not also need a day pass; their presence is covered by the room booking fee.

g. DESK USE. Orange provides desks and tables upon which to work. Some are reserved for the membership option of having a Dedicated Desk. If you have a general membership, you can sit anywhere that's available — except for any desks designated as Dedicated Desks. With any membership, we reserve the right to relocate you at any point without any prior notice, and we will not be responsible for any loss of income, relocation expenses, or any other costs directly or indirectly associated with any relocation to another desk. If you are a Dedicated Desk member, you have the right to request a particular desk and we will do our best to make sure you are delighted with the location and configuration of your workspace.

h. STORAGE. Reserved desks come with a locking, rolling filing cabinet, and other members can add one for an additional monthly fee. Orange is not responsible for the items left in these rolling storage units. If you lose your storage cabinet key or forget the combination, and we must use an outside vendor to get it open for any reason, you will be responsible for covering that cost.

The rolling storage units and reserved desks are the only acceptable place to leave anything in the space overnight. Take home what you bring in. Every evening and/or morning the desks will be cleared of items.

You are welcome to bring an extra monitor for your use, but you MUST put it away in the designate monitor-storage area at the end of your work day, or you may not be allowed to keep it here anymore.

i. REFRIGERATOR & KITCHEN SUPPLIES. The refrigerator is primarily for storing that day’s food, beverages, and some occasional leftovers from events. As a general policy, perishable food that is older than one week and taking up space will be thrown out. Containers or food left in the refrigerator may be thrown out at any time at the discretion of the Orange Leadership. Labeling your food will help us at least give you a heads up.

Dishes: Plastic, paper, and regular dishes will be provided so that you have the flexibility to use disposable utensils or use and wash regular silverware as you please. Orange does not have a dishwasher, so any plates, bowls, cups, silverware etc. that are used should be washed thoroughly, with soap, and put away by the user. If it’s observed that a member is leaving dirty dishes in the sink, that’ll result in a Strike. If you wash someone else's dishes for them, you will likely be offered a hug and potentially a small discount on your next month's membership invoice or some other expression of gratitude. Please do not take any kitchen items from Orange home with you or even outside our premises.

j. PRINTER/SCANNER. At this time, we have a couple of useful but not-intended-for-high-volume printers and a scanner (two inkjet and a color laser printer). You are welcome to use them, within reason. We consider reasonable to be somewhere around a dozen or so pages printed per week. If you need to print more than that, just be prepared to chip in for ink/paper and/or bring your own paper. There's also a UPS store a few doors down and they can print/copy as much as you like. If you print a lot and do not replenish ink and/or paper, we reserve the right to add a printing surcharge to your membership.

k. CONTACT INFORMATION SHEETS. We ask that you keep your contact information in your member profile up-to-date at all times, including the inclusion of an emergency contact. On the off chance that you land a client so big the excitement makes you faint, or something else makes us concerned for your health or well-being, we would like to know who to call. The default choice is "Ghostbusters" and they probably won't be able to tell us who your doctor is or what you're allergic to.

l. HOURS OF OPERATION. Orange’s current staffed hours of operation are 8am-5pm Monday through Friday. Please be cooperative and plan accordingly with your work.

For the present time, we are also open until 9pm on some evenings and from 10am - 2pm on some Saturdays, except when special events are scheduled. If there is an event scheduled to be in the space outside of our current staffed hours, it may be possible to come and work in the space while the space is open for the event. We will handle these on a case-by-case basis. In other words, if you want to work outside of our regular hours and you see there's something on the calendar, ask if it'd be OK to work then, and we'll let you know.

m. 24/7 ACCESS. We understand that you, as an independent spirit, may want to work unconventional hours or pull an all-nighter. So we now have individual, independent access available outside of our staffed hours.

  • ORIENTATION. If you are on a 24/7 plan, you must have an orientation session with Orange Leadership before you will be given your key to the space. In that session, we will cover the expectations, but to reiterate:

  • NO POLITE DOOR-HOLDING. During non-staffed hours, every person in the building must be a key-holding member. Do not ever allow someone to come in behind you after you have unlocked the door. It feels polite to hold a door open, but they MUST swipe their key to unlock the door for themselves so we have accurate records of who is in the space for general safety and for our insurance.

  • NO GUESTS. Along with not letting anyone else in behind you, guests are not allowed after hours. All persons in the space must be individual key-holders, unless authorized in writing in advance by Orange Leadership.

  • LOST KEY. If you lose your key, please report it to us AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so we can deactivate it and issue a new key. Lost key will incur a $50.00 replacement fee.

  • NO SLEEPING. We have comfy couches. If you book the Kumquat room and take an emergency nap, it's fine. But no overnight sleeping, camping, hanky panky, or otherwise using the space in a residential manner. Your after hours access is for work purposes.

n. BACK DOOR. In the interest of protecting all of our laptops and so on, the back doors should be closed and locked at all times. Do not ever leave the back doors open or unlocked without explicit permission in each instance from Orange Leadership. This applies to both the pedestrian door in the back as well as the overhead door. The back of the shopping center does have a number of transients and frankly, we don't know all of them well enough to trust them.

SMOKING: You may go out back to smoke or talk on the phone or just to be outside for a while. The door will automatically close and lock behind you if you let it close all the way. There is a piece of wood on the floor near the door to use for preventing the door from closing. If you get locked out, pound on the door or call us and someone will open it.

BICYCLE: You may enter through the back door if you're riding your bike and want to park it inside. If you need the door opened for you and your bicycle, please call us or text 512-887-4469 and someone will let you in!

m. HEAT & AIR CONDITIONING. We set the heat and air conditioning to temperatures that makes sense for most people and for our HVAC system. Do not adjust the thermostats. If you find the temperature uncomfortable or if the heat or air conditioning does not seem to be working, please notify a member of Orange leadership. Personal space heaters are not permitted at Orange. Orange leadership hates “too cold” and “too hot,” too, so we do our best to maintain a comfortable temperature. We do have some fans, and probably a blanket to help when things are outside the norm.

n. MAIL. For an additional fee, you can get an official, unique mailing address and mail service. YOU MAY NOT USE ORANGE'S STREET ADDRESS AS YOUR BUSINESS OR PERSONAL ADDRESS without getting a unique mailing address assigned to you. Mail sent to you at our #160 suite number WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Members may have packages shipped to the premises via Federal Express, UPS, or other similar carriers and we are happy to accept them at the front desk and keep them safe until you retrieve them. You may also have letters and packages sent to your personal attention, in care of Orange Coworking. But again: you may not use our address as your business address in any context unless you have a unique suite number assigned to you.

ANYTIME you use the suite number #160 in any context, written, digital or verbal, it MUST be in conjunction with the name Orange Coworking. You may always say that you are “Company Name, at Orange Coworking” with our address, or have something sent to you IN CARE OF Orange Coworking. You may not represent 2110 W Slaughter Ln #160 as being YOUR business address.

o. INTERNET USE. You may not use Orange's network for any illegal activities, naturally. You will be given a unique member login and password to the network. For your security, do not share this login and password with anyone or allow anyone else to login under your credentials. With these credentials, you have access to your billing portal on the Orange Coworking website, so anyone you share the information with would also have access to your account. We will gladly provide guest access credentials to any of your visitors or guests; just ask!


a. ALL ROOMS. We will sometimes make our spaces available to members at no cost. So if you want to do a skillshare or workshop, let us know! Please know, though, that paid bookings take precedence over free ones. This has to be the case in order to keep Orange around. If your free booking gets bumped by a paid booking, know that we will do everything in our power to find a reasonable solution to make it happen in another part of the space or to reschedule your event for another date. We appreciate your cooperation on this, as the paid bookings help make the free ones possible!

b. THE BIG ROOM. The Big Room at Orange is available for classes, workshops and meetings. The Big Room must be booked ahead of time. If two requests are made for the same time slot simultaneously, members receive preference over non-members for booking. When booking the big room for an event, we have a separate rental agreement you will fill out then.

c. SMALL AND MEDIUM MEETING ROOMS. The other meeting rooms at Orange may also be booked by both members and by non-members. Some memberships include a booking credit for booking these rooms, and use of them beyond that will incur additional charges, to be charged and paid with your next regular membership invoice.

d. BACK ROOM. The Kitchen at Orange is also our Art/Craft/Multi-Purpose room. During the day, it is available to any member just as our work areas are. It is the place to be if you feel the need to glitter, glue, paint, draw, or make anything that might be a little messier than normal office/computer work. We encourage creativity!

The Back Room may be also be reserved for a class or workshop. In the event that the class is taking place during our normal hours of operation, if you are in the class, be aware that other members may come into the kitchen to get a drink or food. If the room is in use for a class and you are not participating in it, please be respectful when entering the space to get something from the kitchen and keep your conversations to a minimum.

We cannot allow flammable or really-smelly materials in our space; we don't have the insurance for the former or the ventilation for the latter. No spray paint, spray adhesive, blow torches or anything using open flame, or similar. If you're not sure, please ask. If weather permits, we may be able to work something out with the overhead door open for a while.

4. FEES.

a. MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP FEES. Your first invoice is due the day your membership begins and will include the joining fee and first month membership fee. You will then be billed each month on the same date as the date you begin your membership. Our preferred method of payment is through automatic credit card processing of your card on file. Once you have paid an invoice through our site and told it to remember you, it will auto-pay three days after you receive your monthly invoice by email without any action on your part.

If you need to change your method of payment on any given month, you can log into the OrangeCoworking.com website before the auto-pay charges, and pay the invoice manually.

If you believe you have been billed in error, you should contact Orange Leadership as soon as you spot the error and we will address it promptly.

You have the right to prepay multiple months if you prefer, just let us know.

We also accept checks (made out to Orange Coworking) and cash. If paying by cash, please bring the exact amount — we do not keep change on hand.

Whether paying by cash, check, or manual (not auto-draft) credit card payment, invoices must be paid before you may begin work for each renewal period. For 6 month or longer terms, you must have a credit card on file, and it will be charged if you have not paid by alternate means within three days of the invoice.

Membership fees are not refundable.

b. MEMBERSHIP DAYS DO NOT ACCRUE. If you don’t use all your days in a particular month or will be absent for a month, you are still responsible for your membership fee that month unless you cancel with the appropriate amount of advance notice as specified in your Plan Terms & COnditions, and your days do not carry over to future months.

c. BOOKING CREDIT DOES NOT ACCRUE. If you don’t use all your meeting room booking credit in a particular month or will be absent for a month, it does not carry over to future months.


a. MEMBERSHIP TERM & RENEWAL. The length of the “Term” of this Agreement (and by extension, your membership), is specified in your Plan Terms & Conditions. You are agreeing to pay all membership fees, including any fines, up and until the last day of the Term. This Agreement automatically renews at the end of this Term for another Term of equal length unless terminated in writing in advance of the cancellation. Month-to-month plans must be cancelled 14 days prior to the renewal date. 6 month or 1 year or longer terms must be cancelled 30 days prior to the renewal date.

b. EARLY TERMINATION. If you want to terminate your agreement before the end of the Term, we can’t refund any of the membership fees that you paid. Specifically, this means that we don’t do pro-rata refunds. And if you have a longer-than-one-month Term, and have any months remaining in your Term, you are agreeing to pay for those remaining months as well.

c. TERMINATION OF THIS AGREEMENT. We hope we never have to invoke this paragraph, because we love you and want you to be a happy and flourishing member of our community. However, we do reserve the right to terminate your membership and experience at Orange at any time without notice. The Conduct section outlines the primary actions that could lead to termination. Beyond those listed in the Conduct section, you agree to not use Orange for any illegal, profane, or dangerous purposes. This includes any purpose that could disable or impair any of the Orange Property, keep other members from using Orange, or that would hurt Orange as an ongoing business. This includes the use of our Internet, any network, computer system, or information the member does not have access to. Grounds for termination also apply to areas outside of Orange Coworking — common areas, parking lot, sidewalks, and so on. Any misuse or misconduct in these areas can result in termination. If we terminate this agreement because of your conduct, we will not refund any fees, and you still must pay us for any other fees you owe us for the rest of your term.


You also agree not to use Orange or Orange Property in connection with: Contests, pyramid schemes, chain letters, junk email, spamming or similar annoying behavior; Defaming, abusing, harassing, threatening or otherwise violating the legal rights (such as privacy and publicity) of others; Posting, distributing or disseminating inappropriate, profane, defamatory, obscene, indecent, or unlawful material or information; Uploading, reproducing, using, performing or otherwise making available, images, software or other material or information which infringes another’s rights, or is protected by intellectual property laws where you don’t own or license such rights; Uploading or using files that contain viruses, corrupted files, or any other similar software or programs that may damage the Orange Property or the computers or property of a member of Orange.


You acknowledge that during your membership in Orange, you are going to be exposed to Orange Confidences. “Orange Confidences” are things like business information, trade secrets, technology, messages, customers and prospects, and other confidential information a company or individual would not share publicly, disclosed by members due to proximity or observation or even through direct conversation. Members agree not to share under any circumstances the exclusive and confidential information gathered intentionally or unintentionally. Our community is built on trust. If someone tells you something in confidence, be a grownup and keep it to yourself.


Please don’t make defamatory or disparaging comments about Orange or other members either in person or on social media or in any context. If you don’t have anything good to say, then keep it to yourself or let us know about it. We can probably fix it or at least talk about it.


Neither Orange nor its members will assume any liability to you with respect to your access to, participation in, use of Orange, or any loss of information or other property resulting from such participation or use. Basically, if you leave stuff here and it disappears, we are not liable (but we will certainly look into how it happened and work to prevent such losses). We also want to be clear that while we will do our best to secure our Internet and network systems, you agree that we aren’t for any data loss, corruption, viruses, or anything like that. You also agree that Orange will not assume liability for damages or injuries to clients, guests, or other parties that members may invite to the Orange space. Also: a. NO WARRANTY. ORANGE PROVIDES SERVICES “AS IS” AS A SERVICE AND NOT AS A LEASE OF REAL PROPERTY, AND DISCLAIM ALL WARRANTIES AND CONDITIONS, WHETHER EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR USE, TO THE EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW. THERE IS ALSO NO WARRANTY OF TITLE, QUIET ENJOYMENT OR POSSESSION. THE ENTIRE RISK OF PARTICIPATING IN OR USING ORANGE SERVICES, REMAINS WITH YOU. THAT’S USUALLY THE DEAL, YOU KNOW? b. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY. IN NO EVENT SHALL ORANGE OR ITS AGENTS, OWNERS, MEMBERS, OR EMPLOYEES BE LIABLE FOR ANY DIRECT, SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, INDIRECT, PUNITIVE, CONSEQUENTIAL OR OTHER DAMAGES WHATSOEVER (INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, DAMAGES FOR LOST PROFITS, LOSS OF CONFIDENTIAL OR OTHER INFORMATION, BUSINESS INTERRUPTION, PERSONAL INJURY, LOSS OF PRIVACY, FAILURE TO MEET ANY DUTY (INCLUDING OF GOOD FAITH OR OF REASONABLE CARE), NEGLIGENCE, AND ANY OTHER LOSS) ARISING OUT OF OR IN ANY WAY RELATED TO ORANGE SERVICES OR OTHERWISE, TO THE EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW. c. FORCE MAJEURE. Neither party is liable for, and will not be considered in default or breach of this Agreement on account of, any delay or failure to perform as required by this Agreement as a result of any causes or conditions that are beyond such party’s reasonable control and which such party is unable to overcome by the exercise of reasonable diligence, provided that the affected party will use best efforts to resume normal performance.




a. CHANGES TO THIS AGREEMENT. From time to time, we will need to update this Agreement, which you will see when you log into your Orange Coworking website account. b. ASSIGNMENT OF THIS AGREEMENT. Take note that you can’t assign this Agreement without the prior written consent of Orange. c. CHOICE OF LAW & VENUE. Since Orange is in Austin, we all agree that the law of the great State of Texas governs this Agreement. And we further agree that exclusive jurisdiction and venue for all purposes under this Agreement shall be in Austin, Texas, and everybody consents to such jurisdiction and venue. d. SEVERABILITY. Finally, in the highly unlikely event that any provision or portion of this Agreement is determined to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable for any reason, in whole or in part, the remaining provisions of this Agreement shall be unaffected and shall remain in full.

Whew! I read the whole thing! I understand this Agreement and the Rules of Orange. Further, I agree to be bound by this Agreement and the Rules of Orange regarding my participation in Orange and the use of Orange's services. Let's do this!

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