Welcome to the wonderful world of essential oils!

We'll share how to use essential oils safely to benefit every lifestyle and help your body heal itself. Come and learn about Young Living Essential Oils, the Seed to Seal promise and natural solutions easily incorporated in everyday life. Essential oils can help with boosting the immune system, vitality, focus and helping support body functions.

Is living a chemical free, natural life important to you? This is the event for you, do share with your friends!

Dr. Steven Klayman will be our special guest that evening! Dr. Klayman is a highly respected holistic chiropractor and his contribution to the wellness community is immeasurable. I am honored that Dr. Klayman will share with us the powerful benefits of muscle testing and how you can use it to determine your compatibility with certain ingredients, supplements or natural products. This is a fantastic opportunity to widen your knowledge in the wellness field!

I also love to share and give so be ready for some special prizes that evening!