You're invited to set the tone for your week.

You're invited to plan for success in your career, business, family.

You're invited to have the best year of your life.

Hello and Welcome to the Monday Morning Motivational Mastermind Meetup (Monday Morning for short). Here you will meet entrepreneurs, professionals and small business owners who want more.

We know the way to get everything in life is to help others get what they want. Our premise is simple: We will meet ever Monday to share, discuss and explore proven and emerging ideas on how to produce the best results for our business while also keeping in mind how important it is to give back to those who helped make it possible.

We will discuss short term, long term and ongoing goals and the members will work to hold each other accountable because "Iron sharpening iron" (Proverbs 27:17).

This group is for anyone, not just those in business, who are open to discussing motivational and inspirational tools, strategies, techniques and philosophies, as well as tactical tips and practices for growth (in life as well as in business).

Just looking for inspiration? All are welcome, as long as you come with an open mind and an open heart.