Everybody Up!  Team Building

About Everybody Up!:

We are not actors, we are you. Having worked on the corporate side for over two decades, we have lived the office politics, insane client deadlines and difficult coworkers.
Partnership clients included: Rolls-Royce North America, Pizza Hut, The Venetian Resort, Comcast Cablevision, countless Indian tribes, operators of a grocery store chains, snack food manufacturers, restaurant chains, amusement parks and community colleges to name just a few. We have lead teams and entire organizations to work together through difficult situations and support each other every step of the way. There are no mistakes, just opportunities!
How it Works:
Improv hones the skills of observing, connecting and responding. As your team learns to  improvise it will make you faster, more nimble, and better able to execute. 
Just as audiences want to see you succeed on stage, so do managers, presidents, co-workers and clients want and liketo see your business succeed. On an improv stage and in business there is often no time to plan and things change constantly and quickly. If one does not change and evolve through observing, connecting and responding quickly the individual or business could fail. Improv strengthens your ability to think on your feet, make decisions quickly and pay close attention to how those decisions are affecting others.

At Everybody Up! We mean just that – this is not a class where we stand at the front of the class with a projector and talk for hours and expect everyone to take notes. Instead, everyone will be up on their feet, practicing the skills we provide along the way. And we promise, no test at the end.

Through low-pressure exercises we teach participants how to be present in the moment, listen carefully and contribute freely. In addition, we will help individuals approach difficult situations and work together to obtain lofty goals.

This workshop: 
Through shared experiences and laughter you’ll learn how to transform your team into one that supports one another. This program will help quickly break down barriers and have you:
• Laughing together
• Thinking fast
• Listening with focus
• Letting go of preconceived roles and roadblocks
• Sharing mistakes - and shaking them off
• Saying YES, AND...
• Making Others Look Good
• Celebrating team accomplishments