Unlocking the Mystery of Communication: How to Speak so Others Can Hear You

A workshop for those in sales, coaching, leadership and, most of all, parenting. 

This interactive workshop will introduce you to The Seven Communication Styles.

The goal of communication is to express ideas and to have them understood. When we are less conscious of communication styles, we are naturally inclined to develop strategies and attempt to have all other communication styles express themselves exactly like we do. This results in much frustration, resistance and compromise.

When we are more conscious of the different communication styles, it becomes obvious that to be effective communicators, we need to create a safe common space where all parties in the conversation can share thoughts, feelings, and potential actions.

In this workshop you will learn your communication style and how best to connect with others that have a different one from you, there are 7 total. If you are wanting tools on how to be a better parent, spouse or leader, this is for you!